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    Fourteen-year-old Kate doesn't remember much about her parents. On Christmas Eve 10 years earlier, they frantically handed her and her younger siblings, Michael and Emma, to a mysterious man. The man deposited them at an orphanage, and they'd been in orphanages ever since.

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    At this time, the kids find themselves in a remote village called Cambridge Falls, living in a huge, run-down house. In this so-called orphanage, they are the only children. A friendly groundskeeper named Abraham and a snippy housekeeper named Miss Sallow attend to them as they await the return of the orphanage director, Dr. As the children explore the house, Michael finds a secret door leading to a study.

    There they discover an old book with a green leather cover and blank pages. When one of Abraham's old photos brushes against a page, the children are transported 15 years into the past. They barely recognize Cambridge Falls, which is alive with trees, homes and a large lake. Almost immediately, they're captured by a creature resembling an undead soldier from centuries past. They learn the creatures are called morum cadi , or deathless warriors. They refer to them as Screechers because of the terrifying and painful sounds they make. The Screecher takes the kids to a clearing where the rest of the children of Cambridge Falls are surrounded by morum cadi.

    Their head captor soon appears, a lovely countess who looks about Despite her beauty and sweet speech, the countess is an evil witch. She has kidnapped the town's children, refusing to return them until the men of the village find her a magical book.

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    The book, and two other volumes like it, contains ancient and powerful secrets so dangerous that some wizards felt they should be buried forever. The volumes are known as the "Books of Beginnings. Kate and Emma manage to return to the present, but Michael is left behind. Abraham explains to the girls that the magical world and the human world were once intertwined. He says as the human world grew, magical beings formed their own secret regions and rewrote history so humankind would forget they ever existed.

    He indicates that magical beings still live in the surrounding areas.

    The girls also meet Dr. Pym and tell him their life story. Abraham gives the girls a photo that allows them to travel back in time and find Michael. Michael has told the Countess about the book they found, called the Atlas. The Countess cannot keep the copy the girls have, as it has not come from her time period. The Atlas vanishes, and the Countess imprisons the children. Abraham appears and sneaks Kate and her siblings out through secret passageways, but not before Kate promises the Cambridge Falls children she will return to save them.

    During their escape, Kate overhears the Countess say that the Atlas has "marked" Kate. Kate soon realizes she doesn't need a photograph to travel through time. As the Countess's ravenous wolves pursue them, the children run through rain and darkness. A giant man named Gabriel rescues them. He tells them he belongs to one of the magical groups that has retreated into the mountains.

    The Emerald Deposits of Muzo, Colombia

    When they hear Screechers nearby, Gabriel leads them toward his village. He tells the children the pain one feels when hearing a Screecher's cry is only in one's mind. He urges them to manage their fear. The Countess's assistant corners Gabriel and Emma, but they quickly escape. Gabriel takes Emma, who has been hit by a Screecher's arrow, to the healer in his village. Gabriel, like Emma, is poisoned by an arrow. He is dying when Emma's tears heal him. Emma convinces the members of Gabriel's town that they must help the people of Cambridge Falls.

    Meanwhile, dwarves capture Kate and Michael. The leader, named Robbie, and Michael develop an understanding, as Michael is an avid dwarf researcher. Robbie graciously puts them in a cell with Dr. Pym, the Dr. Pym from 15 years earlier, who doesn't seem to know the children. They tell him about the Atlas. The dwarf king, Hamish, decides to go on a hunt for the magical book himself. He takes the children along after Dr. Pym convinces him of their magic. After a long journey, the group of dwarves and the two children find the book. When Kate touches it, she is transported into the past.

    There she briefly sees Dr. Pym and her long-lost mother. When she returns, she no longer has the book. Hamish hardly has time to be angry before the Countess's assistant appears and captures the group. Gabriel and his townspeople, with Emma in tow, attack.

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    They battle against the Countess's morum cadi and other creatures. Robbie leads an army of dwarves to join the battle, and good prevails. The children and their allies return to Cambridge Falls to save the town's children and vanquish the Countess. Once they return to their own time, Dr. Pym reveals that it is the children's destiny to protect the "Books of Beginnings.

    A nun presides over the orphanage where Dr. Pym originally leaves the children. Kate "prays" a few times the equivalent of wishing or hoping. The Atlas is one of three magic books, the most powerful volumes ever written. Each book has the capacity to reshape the world. When the Atlas "marks" Kate, she has visions and the magical ability to travel through time. Pym is a wizard, and the Countess is a witch. Both have the ability to cast powerful spells. The Countess says there's no such thing as chance when it comes to magic, but everything happens for a reason.

    When Emma is dying, she's taken to a magic healer, called a wisewoman, in Gabriel's village. The Screechers or morum cadi are also called deathless warriors. They were men hundreds of years ago who sold their souls for power and eternal life.