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Miss Mouse — IX. The Old Wife — X. The House of Silence — XI. Some more stories about the Bastables are included in the story collection Oswald Bastable and Others. The Bastables also appear in the adult novel The Red House. The original title has been used since then, with the original contents augmented variously by "The Last of the Dragons" and material contemporary to the reissue.

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The Red House (Paperback)

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia Wikiquote. In other languages Add links. Mordicai Gerstein: A Tribute. I first heard about his death on Tuesday when Richard Michelson of R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Massachusetts, shared the news of his Sea Bear. Jacqueline Woodson Red at the Bone. Within minutes, I was transported from the church pew in Cambridge to a stoop in Last week I helped chaperone my child's class trip to the library to see author Shannon Hale and illustrator LeUyen Pham talk about Best Friends, the follow-up to Hale's graphic memoir Real Friends also illustrated by Pham.

The two are frequent collaborators -- Princess in Black, anyone?! Roaring Brook This adaptation of the author's adult book chronicles Ferdinand Magellan's historic, globe-circumnavigating search for the Spice Islands. The conflict between Portugal and Spain and suspicion of Magellan's loyalty to the Spanish crown are Coding and computer science. This short volume introduces makerspaces and coding, providing instructions for six projects that use either Scratch or Makey Makeys.

Photographs accompany clear, reproducible instructions, and brightly Undocumented immigrant experiences. Little, Brown At once heartbreaking and full of hope, this moving memoir is a survival story that recounts the Mexican American author's adolescence spent as an undocumented immigrant in Texas Health and human body. Greenwillow Illustrated by Isabel Greenberg. This broad-strokes introduction to human physiology explains how energy powers all the body's processes.

The text presents information with clarity, humor, and wonder. Greenberg's digital illustrations match the celebratory tone, with a brown-skinned girl with two puffball Just the right time. The pictures are Global Climate Strike Today in Boston and around the world children are participating in the Global Climate Strike to raise awareness -- and demand action -- about climate change. Here are some additional articles and links from The Horn Book about environmental activism and young people Making a Difference.

As Whitney said, children My Heart. It struck me as a book that was going to challenge any ideas we might have about how a book about feelings should CaldeGeisel Not too shabby! Owl Moon takes flight again. Editor Patti Gauch has asked me to tell you all about an upcoming event. Patti was the editor, Heidi the inspiration, Judy the widow of the A Conversation with Sophie Blackall.

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Julie Danielson interviewed her by email for Calling Caldecott. Black Kids Camp, Too Don't They? Michelle H. Practically from the time I could walk, I tagged along with family to scout meetings and events. When I became a Girl Scout, and eventually Books mentioned in the September issue of Notes from the Horn Book. From the Editor - September Five questions for Raina Telgemeier. This story, which takes place during her fifth-grade year, focuses on childhood anxiety and chronicles young Raina's difficulties with YA anthologies and you.

Four recent anthologies that celebrate racial, cultural, and religious identities among others help address the need for teens to see both themselves — and a spectrum of their peers — represented on shelves. New year, new possibilities. School-set graphic novels. The following graphic- and illustrated novels for middle graders and middle schoolers, set in and around school, are great for those students eager to return — and those who may need a little coaxing to get back into the swing of things.

See also in this issue our Five Questions We're here today with our list of Caldecott-eligible books. Shout-out to evelynmaryw who said on Instagram that "They should give this to new parents.

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Click here to download It's That Time of Year Again. Well, hello there! We here at Calling Caldecott are waving in your direction which is to say many directions , welcoming fall — here in the South, anyway, we finally have a subtle chill in the air — and welcoming back our readers for a new season of looking at outstanding And, most oddly, why now? Sounds like the good Father got himself buttonholed by I have my own version of the Anthony Browne story Cathie Mercier tells on page 26 in commemorating her great colleague and friend Susan P.

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Bloom, who died on June 7th at the age of eighty. In my version, it is the summer of and I am at Boston's Summer is winding down: the weather has turned cooler sob! Get into the back-to-school mood with our senior superlatives for characters in the "class" of — What superlative would you award your favorite character?

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Cover art from Click, Clack, Boo! Danbury Library visit. It was fun visiting my hometown library, the Danbury CT Public Library, the other week, and getting to chat with longtime junior services librarian Christine Furlo, young adult services librarian Deirdre Johnson a Simmons alum! Happy Anniversary: Number the Stars. It won the Newbery Medal in and celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in Thirty years after its publication, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry remains one of the best literary introductions to the Holocaust for children Week in Review, August 19th - 23rd. Puppy Preschool!

My parents' four-month-old dachshund puppy, Lilly, started "school" yesterday. Here she is, Here we are again! And, as we add reviews each Pocketful of memories. I worked as a tutor for over five years, helping students learn to decode words and comprehend what they read. Many of the students fell either on the dyslexic or autistic spectrums, and all had dealt with difficulty and discouragement with reading in the past.

This meant I regularly faced Car Books -- Help! Real question: with a longish car trip coming up before the end of summer, how do people "organize" their books and other kid-media? Or does everyone's car look like this?

Week in Review, August 12th - 16th. Five questions for Celia C.

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It's like Stand by Me Five questions for The Blue Club. High schooler Kash Jain oldest son of my former coworker Navin "nuvs" Jain recently founded the political action website The Blue Club.

Progress" reads the site's tagline, and Kash, alongside this team of likeminded teens, has very specific, concrete, and actionable ways for young people to stay informed Books mentioned in the August issue of Notes from the Horn Book. From the Editor - August Amazing animals. These approachable science books introduce primary and intermediate readers to two extraordinary animals, one species' survival story, and the everyday dynamics between predator and prey.

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Five questions for George Takei. He's gone to the stars and back via the starship Enterprise as Hikaru Sulu on the classic television show Star Trek. With an influential social media presence, he's a passionate advocate and activist for social justice and LGBTQ rights. He's the author of several books for adults. Now George Takei Fueling imagination. These recent picture books for preschool- and primary-age children celebrate "things that go" as a vehicle heh for daydreaming and imaginative play.

It's "a fine evening for a drive," and Annie, protagonist of Vroom! In her sleek racing car, Annie Japanese internment. The following books, both nonfiction and fiction YA and Week in Review, July 29th—August 2nd. Lee Bennett Hopkins. I was sorry to hear about the death this morning of Lee Bennett Hopkins. With his own work, his anthologies, and his nurturing of new poets, is there anyone who has done more for American children's poetry than Lee?

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A fuller appreciation of Lee's achievements will follow, but today I Madeline at Ludwig Bemelmans's Madeline turns eighty this year. Instantly identifiable, the character of Madeline is an iconic prototype for picture-book and chapter-book heroes who follows different drummers, always testing boundaries and returning home safely. After Madeline's publication, Bemelmans published several companion books; other works developed from manuscripts were published after It seems quite incredible that, with over four thousand books Toni Morrison Toni Morrison passed away this week at the age of eighty-eight.

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  4. A superlative writer for adults, Morrison also co-wrote several children's books with her son, the late Slade Morrison. Her time as an editor came up earlier this year while we were working on the CSK Book Awards special As a graduate student at Simmons, I enrolled in the two-week summer course tied to the institute, taught by this year's Carol S.

    Kline Visiting Professor, Eric Tribunella of Lift Every Voice: Side B. When I was eight years old — you might say octave age — in , I was a DJ playing a record, a single 45, in my bedroom. Cathryn M.