The Evil That Men Do

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Yet this is not a documentary.

The Evil That Men Do

Written and directed by the Taviani brothers, Paolo and Vittorio, the movie is in fact highly formalized, with the actors following a script both onstage and off, and the free play of their personalities confined by the rigorous command of the camera. Disorientation begins at the auditions. Not so here. Each prisoner is asked to recite his name, parentage, date of birth, and place of origin—first as if seeking entry to the country, while bidding his wife farewell, and then, immediately afterward, as if under interrogation.

Not that we get straight Shakespeare. Not only is there no loss of pressure; if anything, you can sense the whole room tensing up. Te Rauna Bateman.

Easy Biscuit. Buonogelatos Gelateria.

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Thomas Cruse. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Ulalala Evil Slow Sister Temptation Arigato Polish born Adam Kroll, moved to Germany in For the past 15 years Adam has been a free spirit, letting his artistic inspirations guide him through life and doing all he wanted to do, such as Drummer, Playing in bands, Sound Design, Label Owner, Live Set Player and Photographer.

In the years he produced records with German techno stalwart labels Traum Schallplatten and Gush Collective and later even his own label named Squonk Records. Around he decided to retire from the techno scene to embark on a more spiritual journey. A bit later in s he released an ambient album on Planet Terror Records and then a Dub project on Dubkraft Records.

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Today it's an honor to be able to work with such an experienced producer, and none the less, with him working on a new genre in his career, where you can obviously hear his influences as a Drummer, Dub producer, and his talent and virtuosity in sound programming and sampling. Depicting Adam's best friend Rame, a spiritual man from Bali! Adam has such an amazing mind that we had a wonderful time picking his brain for this EP which is his introduction to the Urban Waves roster.

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But none of this stopped the trolls of the right from throwing a major-league hissy about the show, even if very few of them actually attended a performance. Some, Sean Hannity among them, even suggested that the recent wounding of House majority whip Steve Scalise and four others at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, somehow was linked to the production of "Julius Caesar". The attack on Scalise and the others was the act of a deeply disturbed man who had made anti-Trump statements on Facebook and elsewhere.

Not just a production of a classic play that offended some, or the unreasoned words and actions of far too many, including men and women in Congress and the White House.

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For one, given the mental state of the man accused with the Scalise shooting why was he allowed to have weapons? Too soon? Hiltzik noted:. But nor is this an occasion to ignore the policies he espouses and their relationship to the June 14 event and its aftermath. On Jan.

The Evil That Men Do

Counting the Scalise incident, according to the website Mass Shooting Tracker , as of June 25, , so far this year there have been mass shootings in the United States. Guns have killed more than 6, in America this year; 13, have been wounded, according to Chelsea Parsons, vice president of guns and crime policy at the Center for American Progress.

In a recent op-ed, Parsons pointed out out the gun fatality rate in this country is 25 times greater than in other high-income countries. And yes, as the argument goes, more people might have died in Alexandria if Scalise had not had armed police protection with him, but they were trained professionals, not the amateurs — including members of Congress — who want to run around with concealed carry permits and handguns wherever they choose.

Measures to block people on the federal terrorism watch list from buying weapons and to close background-check loopholes failed in the Senate. Trump received more money from the NRA than any other outside group.