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When you teach guitar in a school or a college the chances are that your hourly rate of pay will be quite healthy but seems a lot less attractive if you start to think about the fact that for up to three months of the year you will have no money coming in from this income stream.

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It is the norm to be paid at the start of each semester or term and in reality because of the way typical school or college years are structured there tends to be a large payment around about Easter time and then nothing until September when the new academic year begins. If you get this kind of teaching wrong you will always be playing "catch up" financially with each time of plenty being used to pay off the debts run up between the typically three times per year that the cheques come through.

Another potential pitfall commonly encountered by those who teach guitar in schools is that by nature the work is not secure. The job of guitar teacher in a school or college tends to be casual paid only on the basis of hours worked rather than salaried with a secure permanent contract and money split evenly over the year.

To add to the insecurity the task of sourcing instrumental teachers is often left to a single individual most often the head of the music department and if you get on the wrong side of this individual or if their old friend from college loses a guitar teaching position in another school!

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It is by no means unusual for a teacher to work somewhere for years with no problems only to find that when September rolls around they just don't get the call from the school to go back. Depending upon where in the world you live instrumental tuition is often the responsibility of a local music service or other administrating body but the reality is exactly the same.


If the individuals responsible for dishing out guitar teaching jobs decides that you are not getting one this year and if teaching guitar in a single school is your main source of income then you are in trouble. If you set out to teach guitar in schools and colleges the best way to minimise the impact from this kind of situation is to try to ensure that you have employment in at least two different institutions and that employment is given to you by at least two different people or organisations. That way should a music teacher at one of your regular schools move on to be replaced by someone else with their own team of casual teachers waiting in the wings very common then you will not lose your entire income at one time.

Another plus side to this is that human nature being what it is people who give jobs out are likely to treat you better when they know that you don't have to work for them and that other heads of music in other schools are keen to offer you work should the opportunity arise. I once talked to an instrumental teacher who had a great deal it ran into four days per week of teaching in a single very large school complex.

Yes. You can.

This work made up by far the largest part of his annual income and he said that his entire summer holiday was routinely spoiled by what he described as a feeling of being on "death row" until the email or phone call came in confirming his status as "the chosen one" for another year.

It is probably better if you dont ask what eventually happened. Depending on which part of the world you live in this is a very well established route into teaching. Bricks and mortar music stores often offer instrumental tuition to their customers and working in one or more of these places can when done properly offer a useful and regular income to a guitar teacher. The store like the school more than likely takes responsibility for booking guitar lessons for their customers and as is often the case when working in schools and colleges its jus a case of turning up and teaching.

Another disadvantage is that wether we like it or not and I dont physical music stores you can walk into are thinner on the ground than they used to be and wont be making much of a comeback anytime soon so this is a "shrinking market" for anyone setting out to teach guitar. The folks over at Amazon will happily send a robot to pluck a guitar in a box from the top of a pile and slap a label on it and you can have it tomorrow Speaking from a personal point of view the idea of shelling out the price of a holiday or even a sofa on a guitar that I have not actually played no matter what the reputation of the manufacturer has the same level of appeal as a do it yourself vasectomy.

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The amount of variation in quality between different examples of supposedly identical guitars is so great that Im not about to throw money at a picture on the internet. If I'm going to play it for years I want to play it before I part with hard earned money for it. Despite the rant above though I'll have to admit and accept that I appear to be in the minority here. If mail order brides or grooms are your thing then thats a choice that you are perfectly entitled to make and good luck to you.

Im sure it often works out great but I'll pass. Either way the point that Im making is that a change in shopping habits there are more music stores closing than opening and this is a trend that does not look like being reversed in the short or medium term. If you are lucky enough to get a job teaching guitar in a nice friendly relaxed local music store then treasure and value the position. Be nice to the customers who keep it going and to the owners who are fighting the good fight against the monsters of the internet. Have a great time but try to make sure that this type of guitar teaching is not your only source of income.

A job teaching guitar in your own home is the basis of another well established business model that comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are considerable.

Start up and running costs for a home based guitar teaching business are minimal. You already have the guitars, amps and music reproduction equipment etc required to get the venture up and running and bearing this in mind almost every dollar that you make will be pure profit. If you live in the right kind of place and area this business model can be very attractive but if we delve a little deeper some complications become apparent.

Something to consider is that any kind of half busy guitar teaching practice will need an entire room devoted to it and depending upon your domestic circumstances this can cause problems due to the fact that the busy times for guitar teachers who work from home often tends to be evenings and weekends exactly the time when "normal people" are chilling out in their own houses.

I earned most of my living from doing gigs and teaching guitar like this. I had a great time, made some friends who I still hang around with until this day but to be honest once I moved into other types of teaching and my own domestic circumstances evolved to include the production and servicing of children then I was happy to be in a position to for the first time separate my domestic and financial lives from one another.

Even though I have I am assured more guitars than is strictly necessary cluttering up my house filling an entire room I'm only a little bit ashamed to say the thought of teaching guitar from home again does not fill me full of joy. Having said that it was a great the best? If you have the chance to do it and are in the right domestic circumstances or stage of life then there is no better way into the business of teaching guitar. A job teaching guitar from home gives you the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into the world of guitar teaching to see if it is for you.

How to become a Guitar Teacher in Schools Can you make a secure, long term reliable income as a school guitar teacher and are there any steps you could take to improve your position?

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There are many advantages to teaching guitar this way but the work comes with a potential "downside" that anyone new to the job should be aware of that can leave a teacher vulnerable to forces outside of his or her control This page investigates the subject and sets out some simple and practical strategies that a guitar teacher can use to help minimise the "risk" that can be built into making a living from teaching guitar in the school and college sector Three Models Of Employment for Guitar Teachers wishing to earn some or all of their income from teaching in schools Would you rather be a Panda or a Rat?

Peripatetic Guitar Teacher Jobs Teaching Guitar In Schools and Colleges One of the most common types of employment available for an educator is teaching kids to play the guitar in a school and college environment and this model of employment has a lot going for it. Teaching Guitar in a Music Store Depending on which part of the world you live in this is a very well established route into teaching. Guitar Teaching Jobs in Your Own Home A job teaching guitar in your own home is the basis of another well established business model that comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

So there we have it. I love the tuning and condensed scale length of the mandolin: scale patterns -- especially pentatonic -- are compact, and the consistent 5th intervals between strings allow patterns to emerge. Also, there are plenty of two-finger chords! And 6th intervals are condensed too, making harmonizing melodies into double-stops easy. In some ways it's easier and louder! Our latest offering. Ukulele is not just a kids' toy! It's exploded in popularity in recent years amongst enthusiasts of all ages; there are all kinds of group jams, and it's showing up in bands of various styles.

It's the most accessible instrument in terms of cost, portability, and playability. And it is a good choice for small hands. The chord shapes are similar to guitar, so it can serve as a stepping stone to taking up guitar later. I understand that regular lessons over time can become cost prohibitive, so I offer a sliding scale to lower income students: one full scholarship and one half-price scholarship per month, with a waiting list. The student must demonstrate a desire to learn.

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To apply for a scholarship for reduced cost, don't hesitate to write me. Purchase with CC: you can pay via Paypal. His students benefit from his vast body of technical knowledge, individualized instructional approach, and mastery of many musical styles, from rock to jazz to bluegrass to various world music.

For more about Jeffree's current projects and accomplishments, visit his website at jeffreewhite. Over the years, Jeffree has created hundreds of original visual aids, worksheets, and exercises to facilitate individualized learning.

He's able to quickly identify a student's gaps in skills, while tailoring the curriculum to match the student's desired focus -- resulting in "aha! He works with students of all ages and abilities. However one begins their study - self-study, through a public school program, or online tutoring, for example - nothing can help one achieve mastery quite like regular private, one-on-one lessons and a rigorous schedule of practice.

For a student to achieve the most for their money and time, it's advisable to commit to a regular lesson schedule, put in daily practice, and be an active participant in goal-setting. Those who commit to it will see a difference. He also offers one-off lessons or consultations for musicians who need a little help to get beyond a creative or technical rut.

We had a wonderful writeup in the Camas-Washougal Post Record! Read it here. It's one thing to possess the knowledge, but the ability and willingness to distribute it to others is the true mark of a great being Jeffrey gave me a 1-hour guitar lesson. By the end, I had a solid foundation for plucking away at the guitar and I have slowly been increasing my skill since! It's clear that he has extensive experience teaching guitar.