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The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer are depicted twice on the above side of the side. The arms and crest are given as follows:. The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer and the crest of de la Poer.

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Notice the coronet of a marquess above the arms. The stag saved the house from burning in the s. Below this appears the quartered arms, this time along with the supporters angels and the coronet of a marquess. The de la Poer motto 'Per crucem ad coronam' by the cross to the crown is also included. The collar and insignia of the Order of St Patrick surround the arms. The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer, along with motto.

George de la Poer Beresford, 2nd Earl of Tyrone among those members of the.

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The burial place for the family is Clonagam Church just outside the estate. Please see the very informative blog of Sean O'Brien, Portlaw:. On that website you'll notice the heraldry there associated with the family. Two very good photos taken by Sean O'Brien depict this.

The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer along with those of Rowley. Permission is being sought from Sean to include the photograph of the Beresford and de la Poer arms along with those of Rowley. The quartered arms of Beresford and de la Poer along with the arms of Rowley are to seen over the memorial erected by Henry, 5th Marquis of Waterford to the memory of his wife, Frances Grosvenor Rowley and child who had died in London in Member of Parliament.

Studied at Bay ford School.

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Reverend Mr. Sub-Lieutenant ; Lieutenant Commander, ; Captain Naval Aide-de-camp to H.

Prince of Wales on his visit to India, Member of Parliament Conservative Waterford, East Division of Marylebone, Member of Parliament York, Landed at Alexandria after bombardment and instituted regular police system. And subsequently in command of naval brigade at battles of Abu Klea, Abu Kru, and Metemmeh mentioned for gallantry. Specially mentioned in despatches for gallantry, and in the speeches of both Houses in the vote of thanks for operations in the Soudan.

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A Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, Resigned , on question of strength of fleet. In command of steam reserve at Chatham, Rear-Admiral, Mediterranean, The fact that none of the engineers was saved is attributed to the circumstances that they would be required at their stations below, not only in the engine rooms and stokeholds, but looking to the auxiliary machinery, the watertight bulkheads, and other matters which are under control of the chief engineer.

The Strange Career of William de la Poer Beresford

Until released from duty, which could only be at the last moment, it is unlikely that any one of them would be able to go up to the higher decks. This would not apply at all events in the same degree, to the case of stokers, and those stokers who were off duty below would, no doubt, take their part with the seamen in getting away the boats. These men, therefore, would have an opportunity to attempt to save themselves when the ship made her final plunge.

The names of at least two stokers appear in the list of the saved. The work of the engineering staff in the modern vessel was essentially of a character involving great personal risk at all times and a minimum of personal recognition. From his experience of other, and happily less serious, accidents, he conjectured that, in accordance with practice, when the collision occurred every one of the engineers off duty hurried to the engine room and there, down in the bowels of the ship, remained until the awful moment when the hulk rose for its final plunge into the depths.

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From the outset the engineers could have been under no misconceptions as to the extent of the damage to the vessel, though probably they were, for the most part, firmly of opinion that the vessel was practically unsinkable. They kept the lights in operation, and, equally important, kept up the power for the wireless system. Water was probably pouring in beyond all possibility of their doing any good with the pumps, and the boiler rooms were doubtless first flooded.