Montys Turn: Taking My Chances

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Instead, ten pages and a few rushed anecdotes later, he is taking 7 for 35 for Bedfordshire Unders against Worcestershire, and the die of his career is cast.

Monty Hall problem: The probability puzzle that makes your head melt

From personal experience, I know that Monty loves to talk when the mood takes him, but the facts need to be wrung from him, much as his long-suffering ghostwriter, Richard Hobson, must have wished to wring his neck. A few facts about his personality do seep through. He is more than a touch obsessed by Sachin Tendulkar, he's in gentle awe of Andrew Flintoff and most of his England team-mates for that matter , he's forever indebted to his original coach at Luton Indians, Hitu Naik; and his adoration for the game of cricket is such that, in perhaps the most candid confession of the entire book, he reveals his despair after being omitted for the Ashes Test at Brisbane.

Fletcher took him to one side after the team meeting to give him a pep-talk, but Monty's mind was a maelstrom. In between whiles, the book is a plod from one scorecard rewrite to the next, interspersed with some truly extraordinary snippets of irrelevant detail. And so, when the enthusiasm comes, there's no alternative but to note it down in all its glorious triviality.

Take a childhood trip to India for instance - the most interesting thing that happened to Monty was, bizarrely, the sight of a Chinese boy crying in the street. The most "embarrassing" tale that he is able to bring back from the recent World Cup - surely a haven of embarrassment - was the night he turned off his air conditioning and awoke to find the floor and his kit were damp. We followed the normal principles of Sikhism.

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I have never eaten meat, tasted alcohol or cut my hair. We said prayers daily and visited the temple where my parents met in Coventry once a month. I think of religion as being a part of me. I have never known life without it or rebelled against it. I am proud to wear a patka when I play cricket or go out, just as my father wears a turban, but I am not making a statement and would not persuade anybody to follow our particular faith. Religion has helped to guide me but has never taken over completely.

I have friends of all faiths and some who do not follow religion at all.

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That is their freedom. I smile to myself, too, when people say that I am different. I consider myself to be very normal indeed. I do not know how it feels to be anything else, not to wear the patka, have a beard and follow my faith. No doubt the beard will turn grey and I will wear a turban, like my father, but otherwise I do not expect much to change.

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I will never push my beliefs on anybody. A lot of them are personal to me in any case. But it makes me so happy when I hear Sikh people say that I have given Sikhism some recognition in England. I don't follow cricket but certainly follow Monty's cricket exploits. I do wish to see him in a full dastaar but for now we all will have to settle for my Sikhtoon rendition of him in a dastaar. The science is the subject that introduces us with the new inventions that help us in the daily life and we use it in routine so with growing up we learn more.

The new inventions come to existence and we get learning to use them. I like to play cricket. I think most of the people like to play cricket.

Monty Panesar

Yesterday my friend said me about Superbowl Parties Houston. That's why i want to know about it.

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Try this in the simulator game; use 10 doors instead of Your decision: Do you want a random door out of initial guess or the best door out of 99? Said another way, do you want 1 random chance or the best of 99 random chances? Filtered is better. Yes, two choices are equally likely when you know nothing about either choice.

You pick the name that sounds cooler, and is the best you can do. You know nothing about the situation.

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Would this change your guess? Your uninformed friend would still call it a situation. reviews: Monty's Turn: Taking My Chances

With the Japanese baseball players, you know more than your friend and have better chances. The more you test the old standard, the less likely the new choice beats it. This is what happens with the door game. The odds are the champ is better than the new door, too.

At the start, every door has an equal chance — I imagine a pale green cloud, evenly distributed among all the doors. On and on it goes — and the remaining doors get a brighter green cloud. He is purposefully not examining your door and trying to get rid of the goats there. A Bayesian Filter improves as it gets more information about whether messages are spam or not. Evaluating theories. Without any evidence, two theories are equally likely.