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He observes the governor of the state win over a hostile crowd at a town hall meeting. The guy is good. Perhaps even good enough to be President of the United States.

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Bedroom Politics : Fitz is getting along swimmingly with Lillian Forrester until work-wife Abby interrupts their make-out session in the back the presidential limo. Issues need to be addressed now that he's wild-carding. Wild-carding, by the way, is all about the procedures that are put into play during those time the president is out to have a good time with a new lady in places like, say, the White House.

The Sex Talk : Abby and Fitz have another contentious conversation after Lillian is caught on camera leaving a private White House exit.

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At the end of the chat, the president realizes his work wife was right. He even puts official puts things on a first name basis between them. Huck believes Rowan and Jake are up to something. Olivia questions her father about this. It's clear she has her doubts that Papa Pope is truly retired. She questions Jake about this, but he's not talking.

A short time later, Olivia blows up at Huck, who believes her father is still the monster who made her. Afterwards, she invites David over for dinner. That means she probably wants to sleep with him. Elizabeth feels this is a good thing. Of course, she calls dibs on having sex with David first. She's a modern woman. Ethan gives a rundown on all the gov's selling points. Cyrus is intrigued when he hears Vargas was once Special Forces. In other news, the president is shaking hands with the hero governor from Pennsylvania for a photo op.

Abby introduces Vargas to Cyrus. Both men are pleased to meet each other—Cyrus a little more so than the unsuspecting hero gov. Unfortunately, Fitz wasn't expecting this visit as evidenced by the fact that Lisa from the Treasury Department pops out into the bedroom wearing nothing but a fluffy little White House robe. Small talk ensues. They also chat about the president's recent transgressions as well as the fact that Olivia and Mellie are currently in cahoots. She wants to know what he's up to. Jake breaks into Olivia's place.

He knows she's been spying on him. He also knows no one will ever do for her what he can do for her. Jake begins an intense seduction, but it doesn't last. He's Back! He assures her that she has his endorsement to be president. She may not want it right now, but Fitz will earn her respect by being the president, and the man, who is worthy of it. A Greater Calling: The reason Governor Vargas doesn't want to run for president is because his 5-year-old daughter is sick with cancer. Cyrus tells the tale of how his paralyzed brother shaped the course of his life by answering a calling that goes beyond himself, beyond his family.

It's a truly moving story, and it accomplishes its purpose. Well, one thing he may have on the agenda is booking a nice spot to honeymoon—perhaps on an island. Liv Gets an Earful : Jake is hip to Liv's not-so-secret camera setup. He also has a few other jarring things to say. The oily oilman steals the idea as he announces his candidacy for President of the United States.

Susan Ross yells at Fitz in the Oval Office. She's upset that Hollis Doyle is now running against her in large part due to the president's actions.

Toe Jammed : After Huck realizes the guy who is dating his ex-wife isn't the six-toed man he once tortured, he realizes that it's time for him to let go of his family. It's time for him to move on. White Hat Down: Abby realizes that Cyrus is cheating on the president. Not literally. That wouldn't make sense, as she points out to David.

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Cyrus is in cahoots with Francisco Vargas. Abby agrees to not tell Fitz, but she still wants to take Cyrus down. She advises him on how he can make this work for him. All he has to do is fire Cyrus and hire her. Actually, Abby is the one who has to do the firing. Burger-Gate !

Recluse - The Epstein Conspiracy, NXIVM, & The Blackmail Blueprint

So, it's time to head over to Gettysburger for a Double Lincoln with cheese. Things are going well until Mellie makes a faux pas while describing her false past excursions to scarf down a serving of Freedom Fries. A One-Woman Man : Susan is suddenly less-than-stellar during her mock debate practice session.

Liz orders David to fix whatever is wrong with her. He does. David dumps Elizabeth and declares that he's in love with Susan Ross. Later, Liv learns that her dad and her ex are actually in cahoots. Meeting in the Ladies Room : Olivia confronts Jake about the bank accounts while seducing him. She has a message for her father. She wants Jake to tell Papa Pope that whatever game he's playing that, in the end, she will win.

She does this because she has doubts about David. Fitz lets her know that if she believes that someone is cheating then they probably are. What a Knockout! The politically correct Mellie Grant is poised. The politically incorrect Hollis Doyle is a crowd-pleaser. The politically inexperienced Susan Ross is a deer in headlights. The president calls his veep during a commercial break to let her know that she only needs one good punch to turn things around.

Susan's story about how her military husband was killed in Afghanistan is a total knockout. Nevertheless, the news breaks. Edison orders Papa Pope to pull in the reins on his daughter. That was a mistake. You just don't give orders to Command. A Story of Defiance : Fitz tells Susan that he can make her problem go away. Or she could just come clean. He wants her to earn the office of the president. That's not something he ever did.

Fitz shuts the door so the two of them can have some privacy. He has a little story to tell. Give Some Props: Susan and David are living out a fake relationship. It's all Elizabeth's idea. David wishes that it could go back to being a real relationship.

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He loves her. Susan assures him that he's nothing more than a prop to her though. Marcus reads some about himself to prove a point. Who knew he had such a "high booty? So she reads some Mean Tweets! Hello, Andrew: Abby lets Fitz know that one of the women he slept with, Lillian Forrester, met with Andrew Nichols , who has recently regained his ability to speak.

The once-comatose ex-veep is now talking about how the president went to war for his mistress. Mutual Disgust : Liz approaches Huck to take care of things with Andrew. That's not going to happen. In other news, Mellie's visit to smooth things out with Andrew goes well at first. Then things goes south. Monster Move : Abby isn't onboard with the president's plan to take the fall in the Andrew Nichols fiasco. Olivia lets her know that she's not a monster and she can always come back to OPA. That'll be fun, right? Maybe not. Abby pays a visit to Andrew.

Olivia soon finds out why. Jake is on it. Papa Pope assures Olivia that when her plan fails she'll only have one option left.

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Olivia doesn't believe that's true until she pays a visit to Andrew and pulls up a chair. Crossed Off : After the brutal bludgeoning of the former Vice President of the United States in a secret underground room beneath the White House these things happen , the current President of the United States holds his ex-veep's killer close promising everything will be okay. Abby enters the room. She's horrified at the bloody scene.

Olivia lays out all her next moves. She also gives Abby a warning to never cross her. Fitz addresses the nation. As for Olivia, she gets cleaned up. Quinn and Huck drop her at home. Not her apartment though. She comes home to papa. It's as high profile of a wedding as they come.

Olivia wants to get more information from Jake by exploiting his weakness, which happens to be her. She retreats to her bedroom. She steps back into the hallway to find Jake standing there. The two of them share a passionate kiss. This will destroy his political prospects going forward. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.

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