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Boxed; bound by Sangorski and Sutcliffe First edition. Wagner-Camp-Becker Wheat, Transmississippi An interesting narrative of travel with much material on the Indians of the region. Wheat, finds the map of interest for its markings of the Oregon Trail. Donaldson, Thomas C. Original 4to cloth, spine faded. McCracken, , p. By the census included Indians living both on and off of the reservations, as well as those who had abandoned their tribal relations and became citizens.

This massive state-by-state survey includes a mine of detailed information and statistics on stock raising among Native American tribes. The chromolithographs are by Julian Scott, Gilbert W. Photographers include Muybridge, Cantwell, T. Sullivan, and W. One of the most important and exhaustive treatments of the American Indian in the 19th century. As American Indians had not been treated in detail in previous censuses, it was decided under the administration of Superintendent Robert Porter to prepare this mammoth undertaking, which pays scrupulous, detailed attention to the present state of the American Indian of the times.

Included are discussions of Indian populations by state, status reports concerning life on the reservations, disbursement of populations on and off reservations, progress in schooling and employment, etc. Virtually every aspect of the topic is at least considered in this work, if not investigated in depth. The highly prized lithograph color plates of Indian life by noted artists are the best such works undertaken in a government publication, and are of exceptional quality.

Douglas, David. London: Wesley, Matthews p. Wagner-Camp 60 note. Douglas explored the Oregon Country, named the Cascade Range, and first described the fir tree now known under his name. Streeter Sale Vol. First copy I have had since Duden, Gottfried. Bonn, Modern morocco spine and marbled boards. One of the most influential of German travels in the United States in the early 19th century. Duden was a government offical who felt concerned that the social ills of Germany stemmed from overpopulation. He thought emigration to America provided a solution, and decided to reside in and investigate the United States to see what conditions were.

He arrived in Baltimore in and went west by way of the Ohio River, later returning by the same route in Most of the book is devoted to his life in Warren County, Missouri, and is an important account of early Missouri and the trans-Mississippi frontier. Howes "Exerted great influence in attracting European emigration to the Middle West. Duden recommended that Germans settle in the state of Missouri or north of the Ohio River The only contemporary edition to have a map. English, Mary Katherine Jackson. Fine copy. Eberstadt Cat Huntington ; "privately printed.

An interesting narrative of life and adventures in the far west Evelyn, Capt. One of numbered copies, signed by G. Contains an English account of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, letters back home on the war, his will, extracts from the official records of the 4th Regiment, capture of Gen. Charles Lee, extracts from Gen. James Wilkinson, list of officers serving in , etc.

Farny, Henry F. Honolulu, Pretoria, Hammerfest: Society for the dissemination of useless knowledge and the league for the propogation of the Castanea Vulgares, Original gold stamped cloth spine neatly mended at top; some old fading on rear cover at top and bottom. Sewing occurs in the middle of the volume. Only 90 copies published for private circulation. Ferris, Warren A. Denver: Rosenstock, Original cloth d.

Old book plate. Very nice copy. Howes F " First full length description of the Yellowstone region. Filley, William. Illus on yellow paper with tissue guards and some light foxing. Second edition, not noted on title page, but on dedication page. Ayer McMurtrie Chicago locates 5 copies. An interesting captivity, giving an account of the manner and customs of the various tribes among whom Filley lived: Sioux, Comanche, Osage, Walla, Arapahoe, etc.

Field doubted his story. Field Wash, D. C: GPO, Signed on the title page by the Hon. London, Buckley, London: Buckley, Title page mended at lower margin Sabin This Convention set the limits of Florida and of Carolina in the situation they are at present, without increasing the fortifications there, or taking any new posts. Also contains material on Puerto Rico, the West Indies, etc. Madrid, Imprenta Real, []. Disbound as issued. Text in French, Spanish and Latin. The Treaty of Versailles between Spain and Great Britain, one of the treaties ending the world war of which the American Revolution was a part.

The transfer of the Floridas including the southern portions of Alabama and Mississippi was of the utmost importance to the future geo-political strategy and expansion of the United States. By this treaty it was also agreed that navigation of the Hondo and Belize Rivers in the Honduras would be open to both Spain and Great Britain; the map shows the area concerned. Palau Not in Howes. Meade, Richard W. Cadiz, Wash. Sewn as issued, some wear and foxing. Monroe, James. Wash HD65 : De Krafft, Dbd, sewn. Much on the Florida War and the Creeks. Contains 72 documents, many relating to General Jackson.

There is much on Arbuthnot and Ambrister, both executed following a court's martial conducted under Andrew Jackson's authority. Priestley, Herbert I. Deland, Fl. Original cloth backed boards, printed paper labels on spines and front covers. One of numbered sets. Howes P These documents are here published for the first time. They form the only considerable body of contemporary materials extent relating to the attempt by Tristan de Luna y Arellano to seize and hold the land of La Florida.

Freer, R. Hereford: England, Full gold stamped leather. Howes F A very rare travel narrative. He also visited Newfoundland. Probably printed in a small edition for family and friends. Jackson, Andrew. Zurich: Zurcher and Furrer, Some pages show a small cut not affecting the text. A few small nicks lightly soiled. Horsford from the author" at top of front wrapper. Jones, Charles C. Albany: Munsell, Contemp half mo.

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Howes J Munsell Bib. Indians in Georgia colony. Next to Oglethorpe, Tomo-chi-chi was the truest friend and most potent protector of the colony of Georgia during its primal days. DeRenne Cat. Greene, Max. Wagner-Camp-Becker "This well written book contains a good account of the prairie and mountain region with many incidents in the author's own experiences from to , as well as a history of the Santa Fe trade and descriptions of the Santa Fe Trail.

Streeter Sale III: Hackett, James. London: Murray, Modern quarter morocco spine over marbled boards. Hackett and a number of other British officers were commissioned to assist the revolutionaries in Venezuela and Colombia. His insight into the motives of the leaders , Simon Bolivar in particular, is valuable and interesting. While going to and from the fray, he and his associates spent a considerable amount of time, in several separate visits, on the now famous resort island of St.

His descriptions are among the best from St. Hackley, Woodford B. Richmond: Dietz, Halkett, John. First published edition, revised and enlarged from the privately circulated "Statement" of the same year. There is a small stain on the upper corner of the front flyleaf and some light soiling at the very tops of a few early leaves. Also there is some light foxing to the ads at rear.

Peel 42 note. Lande Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Paris: Societe Anonyma, A trench translation of his "Army Life in the Black Regiment". Contains chapters on his military service in the American Civil War. French edition. Hind, Henry Y. Toronto, Lovell, Modern black half cloth. A variant of an edition cited in the note to Wagner-Camp Peel , English edition. Hogg, Alexander. Louisville: Author, Holbrook, Silas. Boston: Carter and Hendee, Original 12mo muslin boards with printed paper label on spine, light chipping at top and bottom of spine, old cover staining and light page staining.

Howes H aa. Ricks p Eberstadt: Northwest Coast Cat: "Another sojourner during the period His narrative is a record of experiences at Unalaska, Sitka along the coast, with sketches of an Aleut hunting expedition and travels and observations in the Columbia River country. No copies on the internet or at auction. Holroyd, John B. London: Debrett, Contemporary half morocco, small paper label on spine, old library bookplate on inside front cover, rubber library stamp on top of title page and verso of title page, all edges marbled.

Second and best edition. Howes H "Pointed out superciliously the helpless position of American commerce, and thus influenced the shaping of England's trade policy from to , so detrimental to American commerce and shipping interests, as to contribute greatly to the formation of a Federal Union, better able, than were the separate federated states, to retaliate against British maritime might. Hudson, David. Geneva, Ontario Country, N.

Original printed small 8vo boards, New calf spine goldstamped, new endpapers. Howes H "This remarkable preacheress, born in R. Philadelphia, and Rhode Island. The colony was called "Jerusalem. With the bookplate of William F. Hume, John Ferguson. Original 12 mo cloth, gold stamped on front cover. Old staining along lower leaves and covers. Larson "Description and evaluation of various types of stocks and bonds railroad, industrials, municipals, etc. Typical warning to inexperienced investor to stay out of market, emphasizing manipulation, and other unfair practices.

Springfield, Il: [? Contains fourteen articles, with some supplemental material, the full page ads are part of the pagination. Bartolomeo, Fra Paclino Da San. London: Davis, Modern half calf over marbled bds. At bottom of spine are four small white library numbers, and two unobtrusive library stamps. First Edition in English. His knowledge of the Indian languages enabled him to rectify orthography in regard to the names of counties, cities, mountains and rivers. Jefferson, Thomas. The territories were required by ordinance to report all laws adopted by the Governor and Judges to Congress.

Arnhem: Illus, folded tinted frontis. Original printed boards, spine mended, small smudge on front board. A history of Dutch emigrations to Iowa, with an extraordinary folding colored frontis. Howes I Streeter Sale Thompson, S. Cincinnati: Author, Small nicks at crown of spine. Dornbusch Vol.

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Nicholson Cat. His personal observations of service at Shiloh, Corinth, surrender at Vicksburg and a chapter on activities in Kansas. Isham, James. Toronto: Champlain Society, Limited edition of copies. Contains a reproduction of the original title page for his "Observations, "Isham's "Observations" are not primarily concerned with fur trade. Indeed as a serious guide to the practical merchants of the Hudson's Bay Company, they had grave defects, but they are a mine of interesting information to the historian, anthropologist and naturalist.

McNamara, John J. Howes M A first hand account of Kansas during the tumultuous period of the early 's. Dary Kanzana Reynolds, John A. Atchison, : Small 8vo gold stamped cloth. The author''s preface warns: "This book treat of Hell -- a Kansas Hell. Persons who desire is to peruse works that tell about Heaven only, are urged to drop this book and run. Adams Guns , cites only Reynolds' book a year later Webb, Thomas H.

Disbound in cloth box. Kendall, John. Original gold decorated 4to red cloth.. Privately printed in a small edition for family and friends. Contains chapters on N. Kino, Eusebio F. Spain in the West Series Vols. Howes K "First publication of the original Jesuit manuscript; of great value on the early Southwest. One of sets. Kirsten, A. Leipzig: Brockhaus, Howes K He does discuss in a general treatment [p.

Klee, Frederick. Copenhagen: Contemporary 12 mo calf over marbled boards. Kraitsir, Charles V. A very scarce work on Poles in America with much on their European background and history. La Salle, Nicholas de. Chicago, Caxton Club, Original boards, vellum spine. One of 26l copies printed. Howes Ll "Translation of account contained in Margry's Decouvertes.. The author was not a relative of the explorer. Ross, Alexander. Chicago: Lakeside Calssics, Donnelley, Original gold stamped 16 mo cloth.

Howes R Larson, Esther Elisabeth. Lee, William. Bordeaux: Coubert, New boards with leather gold stamped spine: "Les Etats Unis. Howes L "Maintains that the current war, provoked by England, would be won by the United States, whose cause was that of all continental Europe. The translation was accomplished by Antoine Jay. Lee was American Consul at Bordeaux from - He was expelled by the government because of his liberalism.

Lesley, Lewis B. Cambridge: Harvard, Original cloth, d. Much on Beale's wagon road to Fort Defiance Stacey's account of Beale's Expedition, camel dispersion, and a bibliography. Vincent, Thomas M. Original printed small 4to wrappers. Vincent was Asst. An account of the mobilization of any army, functioning of a government, military supplies, railroads, etc. Not in Monaghan. Linderman, Frank B. Original cloth with pictorial inlay, spine bridge, inlay has some light soiling.

Authors first collection. Locke, John. New York: Seaman, Two vols. Large folding chart as frontis to volume one. Bd together in contemp full calf label on upper spine worn. Small embossed library stamp on title page. Streeter's copy with his rubber withdrawn stamp: T. This is the first Congressional printing of the treaty purchasing Louisiana, the convention arranging the terms of payment, and the convention arranging to settle past disputes between the United States and France, all printed in both English and French [pp.

Also published herein is the act authorizing the raising of the funds for the purchase, the settlement of French claims [part of the whole treaty package], the act establishing a civil government in Louisiana and dividing into two territories, and other acts relative to the vast new territories, including several Indian treaties. Jefferson reconvened Congress early to pass on the Louisiana Purchase documents on Oct. McMurtrie, Douglas C. New Orleans, Searcy, Original marbled boards, cloth spine. Chapters on Denis Braud, Antoine Boudousquie, first newspaper, politics and the press, Spanish official printing, etc.

The bibliography runs pp. Vergennes, Charles Gravier de.

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Paris: Chez Lepetit Jenue, Half title, frontis portrait of Vergennes. Thompson Vergennes was Louis XVI's minister of foreign affairs, and had a fine understanding of the conditions during the colonial period. This is one of the best studies of the West Indies, Gulf Coast and Mississippi Valley issued at the time, and it relates in part to events in Texas. Rosenbach considered this a rare work and included it in his "Rare Books of Six Centuries" item Howes V Page Is printed Mackenzie, Alexander.

London,: Cadell, There is foxing mostly in the first half of the work Quarto boards with new calf spine with gold stamped black leather label This classic of North American exploration describes the extraordinary travels of the author in northwest America in , when he discovered the Mackenzie River, and in , when he crossed the continent to the Pacific.

Mackenzie also provides an excellent history of the fur trade in Canada, as well as vocabularies of several Indian languages. The "Map of Mackenzie's track from Ft. Chippewa to the Pacific Ocean in " was a milestone and, as Wheat says, "At once questions began to be raised about the now patent inadequacies of all prior maps of the American Far West. Wheat Transmississippi Hill, p. Peel Pillling Wagner-Camp Streeter Sale Devonport, England: Samuel and John Keys, ca. Original printed pictorial 16mo wrappers. Front wrapper shows a man holding his head in his hand while another man has a sword.

The back outside wrapper is titled "Fancy Devices, etc. A mine of information on how amazing tricks are pulled off. No copies on the internet. Lapham, William B. Augusta, Me: Privately printed, Coulter " Nicholson p. Malthus, Thomas R. Paris: Aillaud, Two Vols. Very nice set. This is the first French edition translated by Constancio. Printing in the mind of man " The central idea of the essay The population of a community, Malthus suggested, increases geometrically while food supplies increase arithmetically Manypenny, George W.

It was the age old problem on how monies from the Indian Department were spent and the distribution of goods to the Indians. This case involved material goods for the California Indians. Edward F. Beale was the superintendent of Indian Affairs for that region and who had acquired his position through the efforts of Benton. Manypenny had questioned some of Beale's expenses. This upset Benton who went on the offensive. Colonel John Fremont and Gwinn Heap were also involved to some extent. There were many side issues such as Manypenny's trip to Westport, Missouri which was three times cheaper than the one Beale and Benton made.

A very important privately printed letter which gives insight into the frontier and its politics. Not in NUC. Marcou, Jules. Maragua,Nicaragua: Tspugrafia Nicional, Original printed boards, paper loss at side and bottom, no text affected. On page 3 "Wm.

Elimie por su amigo deverdi, J. By the famous geologist and world traveler. By His Excellency John Hancock Signed by Hancock in the upper left corner near the paper seal. August 23, Also signed by John Avery as Secretary. Some old staining. In and around his neighborhood that year, he took part in marches and sit-ins, but by , as his anger toward the government grew, he secretly set off a series of bombs across Manhattan. To many in the counterculture underground, he was their equivalent of a masked avenger.

There was no way some doped-up college kid was making them. You can be all those things and still not want to blow up buildings. Yet in the flashpoint of just four months, Sam Melville and a small group of followers took the American radical left on a hard turn into armed struggle. Melville was one of the first to turn to this kind of violence, but the country would soon witness the kidnapping of Patty Hearst by the Symbionese Liberation Army, the bombings of the Pentagon and NYPD headquarters by the Weather Underground, and more.

What else would make a person act that way other than knowing they damaged their family? The one thing nobody can debate is the haphazard manner in which Sam Melville went about bombing Marine Midland. Though his intention was to destroy property and not people, he did not take into account the presence of an evening staff in the building when he set the device for a 10 p.

When more than a dozen employees were taken to the hospital — all with minor injuries — it forced him to rethink his future plans of attack. Army and Selective Services inside. The device went off at 2 a. There were no injuries. Melville and his cell soon learned that damaging federal property could elicit a furious response. The next day, the FBI went to an apartment Melville had moved out of months earlier, and later they tracked him down at the apartment on East 4th Street where he and Alpert were living.

He told them his name was David McCurdy — the pseudonym he had used to rent a nearby apartment where he had set up an explosives workshop — and denied knowing who Sam Melville was. Unfazed by this close call, the collective went to work plotting their most ambitious statement on American tyranny yet: a trio of simultaneous bomb blasts across the city on Veterans Day. Meanwhile, Melville opted for his version of laying low: skipping town and going on a bombing spree of U.

Army facilities across the Midwest. Melville also participated in a guerilla warfare workshop in North Dakota, hosted by the black nationalist H. Rap Brown. From the inside, black people have been fighting a revolution for years. And finally, white Americans too are striking blows for liberation. Another blast was planned to follow at the Lexington Armory on 26th Street, with Melville delivering the bomb himself with help from George Demmerle, a newer member Melville had befriended on the Lower East Side.

Demmerle, an overly rambunctious radical who not only was a member of the Crazies but also held rank as the only Caucasian member of the Black Panthers, greatly impressed Melville. Had they found his bomb factory? You may already have access to this article. Please Log in to check access. Previous Chapter. Next Chapter. Begley ,. Downloads: The fulltext of this document has been downloaded times since Your Access Options. Descriptions of other families of commercial importance are being prepared with a view to the publication of a Forester's Manual of Non-Dipterocarp Families.

Numerous articles have been published in the Malayan Forester during the last 25 years, including a recent one introducing a standardized system of nomenclature for bole And bark characters, while a form of field collecting label has been produced, with Malay vernacular equivalents, carefully planned to elicit the maximum of information from collectors regarding field characters. The forest botanist has also done a great deal of ecological work, but this is discussed in the next section.

The authorized staff is one forest botanist, one assistant forest botanist, two research assistants and three plant collectors. Future needs. The needs are: 1. The authorized staff is sufficient provided that the posts are kept filled. Ecology and soil science Outline of program. Ecology and soil science are considered together because soil science is most unlikely to become a separate branch of forest research in Malaya. It will be a most important tool for the ecologist and silviculturist, but fundamental research on soils will continue to be more in the province of the Department of Agriculture.

The work of the ecologist should be designed to assist the silviculturist in the choice of forest strata and of species. To do this he must: a study the composition and structure of natural forest and define vegetation types; b study succession after the original vegetation has been removed or modified; c study and define sites in terms of soil and other environmental factors which affect forest growth potential, so that they may be recognized at various stages of vegetational succession; d study the adaptability of species to various site conditions; e study which species and methods may best be used to accelerate the restoration of degraded land to productive forest.

The Malayan climate is so favorable to forest growth that almost any soil may, given time, support a luxuriant vegetation, and the general structure of virgin forest throughout the country is remarkably similar. Within this framework, however, species are so numerous and variations so kaleidoscopic that chance differences between one square chain and the next, or one acre and the next, tend to obscure the fundamental site differences. A provisional classification of Malayan soils has been made by the soils chemist of the Rubber Research Institute and this classification has been tabulated and annotated by the silviculturist as an aid to their recognition in the forest.

Nevertheless, progress in the recognition of sites and detailed vegetation types has been disappointing. The main vegetation types, however, have been described in Malayan Forest Record No. The structure and composition of virgin forest, and its growth, in-growth and mortality, are being studied in 2-hectare sample plots. In the absence of a full time ecologist, forest ecological work has hitherto been done by the forest botanist; but recently an ecologist has been appointed under the Commonwealth Development and Welfare Scheme with the special task of evolving methods of reclamation of degraded soils.

Intensive work is required on the objectives outlined above, especially on the recognition of vegetation types and their correlation with soils. The forest botanist in the past could never spare sufficient time for this and a recent change of staff has made the position worse. The newly appointed ecologist is working full time on the restoration of degraded land. The need, therefore, is for a new permanent appointment of a forest ecologist. Silviculture Outline of program. Silviculture is very closely related to ecology on the one hand and to forest mensuration on the other.

Working together, these three branches must provide the answer to the basic problem stated above, by determining whether silviculture may: 1. Before much progress can be made, the silviculturist must become familiar with his treatment techniques and the habits of living plants. The more important projects may therefore be out. Malaya has led the world in many aspects of tropical rain forest silviculture, and particularly in the conversion of virgin jungle to more or less even-aged stands of far greater potential value.

Before the war, a technique had been developed and was being applied on an increasing commercial scale, whereby the useless or less valuable trees were removed by poison-girdling, by sale as firewood, or latterly by sale as timber, while a new crop was raised under the shelter of the remaining valuable trees until the latter were harvested as a " final felling ". Numerous articles in' the Malayan Forester and the first chapter of the Manual of Silviculture trace the development of the system.

Economic considerations, including such factors as the increasing use of mechanized methods in extraction techniques and the replacement of the hand-sawyer by sawmills, have since compelled the adoption of the simpler system referred to above and described in detail in a paper entitled The Silviculture of Lowland Dipterocarp Forest submitted to the Commonwealth Forestry Conference.

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Hence projects h , i and j are new problems, and little progress on them has been made to date. Progress on the other projects may he summarized as follows: a The silviculturist has spent much time during the last few years on the compilation of all available information regarding the inland low land forests. Milliacre hectare surveys of seedling regeneration are done in many cases before exploitation and results are being collected for compilation.

There is only one permanent plot in inland forest for the study of mortality and recruitment in transects of milliacre hectare quadrats. Many other species which are now accepted, as timber have not yet been sufficiently studied. A safer arboricide would, however, avoid much anxiety and the necessarily very stringent precautions.

Experiments with other arboricides have been disappointing, but trials of the more promising T are now being made on trees, climbers and other weeds. Small-scale trials of exotics have been actively pursued during recent years, most indigenous species of value having been found difficult and expensive to establish on poor soils or in exposed conditions.

Further experiments in planting open or degraded areas have been entrusted to the ecologist appointed under the Commonwealth Development Scheme. The silviculturist is assisted by a plantations officer and field staff in charge of the experimental plantations; and by a mobile research team of four, who can assist with experimental work in any part of the country and who also help with records and mensuration work.

Continued work is necessary in all the basic projects a to f , but more particularly in the study of the silvicultural characteristics of the lesser known species and the finding of a safe and economic arboricide. Projects h to j need planning from the start. No details are given here because the technique of measuring and comparing the effect of different treatments on such mixed rain forest stands has not yet been worked out.

The problems will be discussed under the heading " mensuration " in the next section. The silviculturist holds a key position in research but, in recent years, working-single handed, he has tended to be bogged down by routine work and the necessity for consolidating and making available past experience. With so much new work to be done, a fully-qualified assistant silviculturist is now a necessity. Forest mensuration Outline of program. As stated above, the forest mensuration program is closely allied to the silvicultural programme. The main mensuration projects are therefore as follows: 1.

The Mensuration Branch will also assist the Silvicultural Branch in the execution of these designs and will analyze the data collected. In all the above studies, very close liaison with the Silvicultural Branch will be maintained. The first sample plots were laid out in , but the present series was not started until Since , sample plots have been laid out. Of this number, 34 contain no increment data and all records of 59 were destroyed during the war.

The remainder contain the annual measurements and other observations of approximately 25, trees of different species, although the majority of measurements have been made on the relatively few chief commercial species under varying conditions and treatments. These measurements have been made over varying lengths of time up to 39 years. The first compilation of all inland forest sample plot data was made in and published as M. A second compilation had just been completed in when the invasion of Malaya took place.

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. She drinks it down with a grimace and wipes her lips. Minutes later, Aysha is groggy. They were even more befuddled when they finally caught the culprit. My other websites T ourists are a most common sight at the abbey of Mont Sainte-Odile in the summer. Next Helium3 Box Set. Only thing is, one night turns into something much, much more.

Call-in radio shows are fun until a ghost calls. Popular soul music deejay Joyce Barkley thinks someone is pulling a prank when the voice of her dead girlfriend speaks to her during a Saturday afternoon show. It is no prank. The woman, who has been dead since the mids, is back. Joyce has to figure out how to soothe the restless spirit or her career and any chance at love will be over. Surviving in an unknown galaxy hundreds of light-years from Earth is far from easy.

Captain Jordan Kellow is missing, and Lieutenant Alison Ash must take charge of the Persephone and get the crew back to the Posterus in one piece if she has any hope of saving the woman she loves. Lost in a dying escape pod, Jordan is rescued by a crew of war hungry aliens bent on revenge. Hit woman and thief Reed Gable works for the highest bidder, no matter where the job takes her. An orphan of circumstance, Reed knows the streets of Las Vegas better than anyone. Growing up rough has gotten her to the top of her profession, and she plans to stay there.

Accountant Brinley Myers, a recent hire at the Moroccan Casino, discovers a money laundering operation orchestrated by the New York mob and suddenly her life and the people in it become collateral damage. Jemima Pardon, a paramedic with a daft name and chronic asthma, has never had much in the way of good luck. The only things she attracts are traumatic jobs, and no one wants to work with her for long.

But when Jem bumps into devil-may-care police officer Rosie Jones, her fortunes seem to be changing. Things are looking up, until a suspicious death draws Jem and Rosie into an investigation that spirals beyond their control. Alinta, raised in a simple land far from the white man, is suddenly thrust into their realm through no fault of her own. Suddenly, she must learn to survive amongst these strange, unfamiliar creatures.

But not all white men treat her the same: Some see her as the frightened girl she is, and some see her as the amazing woman she is about to become. The instant Delaney Peyton and Jade Taylor meet, they sense a connection neither can explain. That is until Delaney starts having strange visions that feel more like memories. Scotland, two young women meet and fall in love, but that love is threatened by deception and hatred. Jade is fresh from a bad relationship, and the last thing she wants right now is another one. In the summer of , Maxine Cooper moves from the Midwest to San Francisco with her gay best friend, Chris, where she hopes to find love and community.

But gay life in a big city is much more complicated than either of them ever expected. Life becomes a constant party, and Max slides deep into alcohol and drugs. Can she forgive herself for abandoning him, or will her guilt lead her down a path that guarantees destruction? When Laleh ends up in the ER with heart trouble, Hope saves her life. Afterwards, strange things begin to occur until they can no longer deny the mysterious connection between them.

LWW28 : Favorite Podcasts. Calling lesfic authors! To be a featured author and read from their work during ReadOut, authors must download and complete the ReadOut application. All applications must be received by September 30th. Authors will be notified of their acceptance no later than November 15th. The application may be found online here. Cherry Hawkins has always loved ice cream.

After scraping together enough money, and applying for the correct permit, she has set up her new ice cream trike in the affluent market town of Wilmsford. Unfortunately, her permit-approved spot puts her right outside the Gelato Parlour. Owned by Juliana Martin-Sinclair, the meticulous woman who puts the ice into ice queen. The regulars at her local poker room fear her, and the casuals underestimate her at their own peril.

Constance is happy making a good living playing poker on her terms. And then she meets Mina Frye. Mina is a gifted pickpocket, cunning and conniving, and equally charming and beautiful. At first, Mina sees Constance as just another mark. The magic they both feel is undeniably real, but is everything with Mina just a bluff to trick Constance into going all-in?

The kind of songs that her rock band, The Shrikes, would never play. After their successful first album, the pressure for a perfect follow-up is crushing her creativity. Vero De Luca is always in the limelight for making mistakes. Both women think that working together sounds like a match made in hell. Kinsley James has a nice life in South Lake Tahoe. She also has a crush.

Things had been easy when the object of that crush lived on the other side of the lake. Kinsley had been able to push her attraction aside. Then, her crush moved home. Riley Sanders decided to move back to South Lake Tahoe to settle down with her long-time and also long-distance girlfriend. Her plan was simple: find a real estate agent; find a house. But, sometimes, the plans people make take paths of their own, taking people exactly where they need to be after all.

Claire now stands accused of libel and finds herself locked in a legal battle against the very community she once called home. Can Claire defend the truth of her words while still protecting the privacy of the woman she once loved? And perhaps still does? What would happen if your regular, ordinary, safe, everyday existence suddenly became…not any of those things? World famous actress, Abigail Taylor, is in Melbourne filming her new movie, and is accompanied by her nine year old daughter, Grace, because Abigail wants her to experience an Australian education for three months.

Sam has never met anyone like Abigail Taylor, and she starts to realise that her ordinary life might actually be missing something extraordinary. Her life is thrust into turmoil between caring for Emma, her seven-year old handicapped child, and working hard to make ends meet. Finding that one special person only happens in dreams. Leaving her old job and moving halfway across the country were the scariest things Kat Anderson had ever done.

Starting a new life and career takes priority over any foolish notion of a fairy-tale future of romance and love. Can Kat juggle love and duty to find her Happy Ever After? Welcome back to Garriety, the town with an open heart, and home to some of the quirky and warm characters from Add Romance and Mix. Bass player Jackie Hernandez has landed a permanent gig with the respected all-female rock band The Neon Fishnets.

Jackie is ready to put the feud behind them, but fiery Ivy holds a grudge. Amid recording a hot new album, spending late nights out at wild parties, and navigating the media as they prepare to go on tour, Jackie and Ivy realize they have more in common than they originally thought. And things get really complicated when their attraction to one another heats up, taking an unexpected, sexy turn. Alex Cortez is accomplished at two things, fixing broken equipment and pleasuring women. She is happily doing both at the Ranch in Nevada until she involves herself in a domestic dispute between one of her clients and her abusive husband.

Now Alex finds herself on the run…again. Danna Nichols, newly widowed, feels lost and alone. When her good friend Lindy invites her to check out the newly established Trophy Wives Club, it awakens dormant feelings and desires. Danna challenges herself to find out who she really is and what she wants in life and love. The two form a bond under unlikely circumstances. Will the challenges of their social status tear them apart before they can enjoy the pleasures of their new love? As a wife in the upper echelon of New York society, she was expected to take her place among some of the wealthiest people in America.

A society that judges you on your looks will ignore certain things because of the money your family possesses, which you will eventually inherit; however, certain peccadillos will never be acceptable, and as Melissa becomes Mel and begins to realize her potential, life sends her on a journey she never could have anticipated. Coming home is never easy, and when Kaitlin arrives back in Caysher, she finds a different place than the one they left. Illness has ravaged the community, and Berran is doing her best to keep things together. In the end, it will be destiny that will decide if their hearts will meet.

When a mix-up lands her a job at a high-profile law firm, Emma is determined to meet this new challenge head-on. As beautiful as she is ruthless, Lillian has worked hard to build a reputation for herself that commands respect from everyone she meets. Soon, the two women are embroiled in a scorching-hot forbidden affair that threatens to consume them both.

While both women grapple with their unexpected feelings toward each other, things at the office start to unravel. To make matters more complicated, Hannah has been steadfastly ignoring the obvious truth that Rosie is intellectually gifted and wise beyond her years. Will they be able to compromise? Will Hannah finally open up to someone about her own damaged up bringing? Viva Jones was great once. A top 10 tennis player with a grand slam trophy to her name, she had the world at her feet.

While battling to return to the game she loves, a chance meeting with the lineswoman, Gabriela, forces Viva to rethink the past…and the present. Away from the court, Gabriela is sexy, athletic, and lives for her career as an umpire. She seems to be falling for Viva as hard and fast as Viva is for her. Denver detective Jake McCoy is trying to recover — both physically and emotionally — from the shooting death of a young boy that also left her injured. She soon finds herself rehabbing at her cabin in the mountains, soaking in the remote natural springs — which is exactly where psychologist Nicole Westbrook vacations and soon stumbles across her….

When Nicole leaves the next day, the two women know little more about the other than her first name — yet they are now lovers instead of strangers. When Jake returns to Denver, a serial murder investigation soon leads her to Nicole.

Dissecting Christian Trends

As the investigation develops, their physical attraction threatens to compromise the case. Once the crimes are solved, will the women go their separate ways? Or will the physical attraction and the gentle tug of love prove that opposites do attract…. A sweet, lesbian romance about growing something unexpected and wonderful from the roots up.

Yorkshire anatomy lecturer Ruby Clark considers her life low-maintenance. That, and living down the stigma that follows her when people find out. Can they ever find common ground? Jamie has been there for her through everything. Living in California for eight years, Charlie Miller has been able to live authentically, but being back in her small Maryland hometown with her conservative family means going back into the closet. Four years ago, Lara Spellmeyer left her small-town life in Perry, Oklahoma, to pursue her dream of starting a cat sweater business.

The only bright spots are Tight Knit, the knitting circle she starts with her friends, and Kerry, the charming young woman her best friend sets her up with. How could this possibly end well? Amber Knight grows up in an abusive home in Eagle Peak. Circumstances cause her to leave in the middle of the night and leave behind everyone she was close to, including her mother and friends.

And most importantly, the love of her life, Nicole Brooks. Ten years later, Amber is offered a place in an art show. Unfortunately for Amber, two of the pictures chosen are from her time in Eagle Peak. Amber must return to get release forms signed to show the photos. While back in Eagle Peak, Amber must face her past and those she left behind. Will they accept her reasons for leaving? Will they still be friends? What will happen when the past meets the present? After wandering aimlessly for years through the South Seas, tanned, athletic, and wealthy Kate Brighton returns home on a sailboat bound for Seattle.

Deciding to explore, she strides across the small Olympic Peninsula town, pausing for breakfast at a rustic coffee shop called The Little Red Barn. Angie, her curvaceous server, sports a long auburn braid and shining, dark brown eyes. Feeling a familiar tingle of desire, Kate considers checking out this stunning young barista, hoping she is a lesbian. First Kate must look up her friend, Marianne, a Cornell University grad student when undergrad Kate was swimming competitively. Soon Kate discovers that things have changed radically: while she has been wandering the globe having fun, Marianne has survived an auto-accident and is confined to a wheelchair.

Her caring partner, Jake Summers, crafts furniture and art objects while watching out for Marianne. Impulsively, Kate decides to stay in Sequim for a while. She returns to the coffee bar; Angie seems very happy to see her. Kate shortly learns that the barista is a lesbian but has two young children. Having limited experience with kids, Kate wonders how to woo this charming woman. And despite their admittedly mutual attraction, the two are very different: Angie has dreams but can barely feed her family, and Kate, while having deep pockets, has avoided responsibilities and commitments.

Brett is ready to meet Ms. Right Forever if she can get a break in the schedule her young boss dictates. Evangeline Scott, known as Scotty, also dreamed of being a famous fashion designer. Years of fighting tooth and nail for a toehold in the fashion industry have taken their toll. Scotty has lowered her expectations and is the latest designer for I Am Alex, a clothing line for young adults. Scotty and Brett are more alike than they realize when they first meet, but it takes a crash landing in the wilderness for them to truly realize just how perfect they are for each other.

Katherine tries to kick-start her social life by dressing up and going out for dinner. The only attention she attracts is from a tall blonde, also sitting alone. They strike up a conversation and end up drunk in bed, having slightly kinky sex. Nan grew up with a physically abusive father.

Friday nights are for enjoying herself, by herself. She sits alone and takes care of her own pleasure, with help from her Kitty-Kat. Meeting the real Kat changes everything for her. Nan struggles to overcome her past and learn to trust people. And having slightly kinky sex with her. Warning: Contains discussions of spousal abuse, but wothout explicit scenes of violence against women. Cleo and Petra, twin siblings, live in an orphanage in New York City. Their world changes during The Event when Petra is abducted from her bedroom. Before Petra finds her way home, she meets Anubis who asks her to destroy a mummy living in the pyramid Petra finds herself in when she arrives.

Upon finding the mummy, Petra learns Anubis and Wren have been in conflict for years. Now, Petra is involved in the battle between them. With Wren at her side, Petra returns to where Anubis waits for her, having agreed to journey with Wren. The two need to convince the deity of this.

Will they manage? What more does Anubis have in store for Petra and Wren before the twin finds her sister? Choosing their expectations over her own desires, Liane begins the process of becoming a nun. Throughout her childhood, she attended Catholic school, hoping to become a teacher and role model for young children. Although she secretly wants to lose her virginity to a woman, Liane stays chaste. With no desire for children, who needs a firm commitment?

While Myra attends church, she and Liane lock eyes from across the aisle. Despite not wanting anyone long term, Myra is determined to make the shy omega nun her partner for life. Blind Faith is book twelve of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is an omegaverse lesbian romance with FPreg, knotting, and heat. When the Earth is threatened by a slowly expanding sun, mankind embarks upon a mission to send a mammoth Worldship to settle a new planet across the stars.

The preternatural races step out of hiding to work with the humans to save what they can from their dying world. With the aid of the Fae, shape shifters, Vampires, and other creatures of supernatural lore, the Worldship, Leviathan, is complete one thousand years later. Lotteries are held and only twelve million souls are selected to make the ten thousand year journey to the new world aboard the multi-generational starship.

The Worldship Files follow the cases of Knith Shade, a human law enforcement officer of the Enforcers Brigade aboard the Leviathan, five thousand years into her journey. Knith must investigate a series of grisly murders, where the victims organs are harvested in the back halls of the bulkhead decks of the massive habitation rings of the Leviathan. Where others have failed, she has discovered clues, which lead her to the unthinkable when all signs point to a Fae Lady, and not just any lady, but the daughter of Queen Mab herself. It could be more than simply career suicide.

Enforcer Shade finds herself almost irresistibly drawn to her main suspect, the Winter Maiden, Princess Aurora herself. Secrets are revealed and treachery uncovered, while even more mysteries and questions are unearthed. Aiyana lives a peaceful existence on the planet of Messier 82, but she longs to travel to other galaxies, explore new worlds, and live without being under the constant supervision of Ataian — her over protective caretaker. Hidden aboard a starship bound for another galaxy, Aiyana knows she must risk everything to complete this mission. However, she was unprepared for what awaited her on Zeconis.

Just who is this mysterious person that Aiyana is searching for? Will she find them in time, or will they forever be Lost Among the Stars? All cybernetic soldier Vick Corren wanted was to be human again. Now all she wants is Kelly. Can they? With the computerized implants that replaced most of her brain, Vick views herself as more machine than human.

To save her, Vick will have to sacrifice what she values most: the last of her humanity. Before the mission is over, either Vick or Kelly will forfeit the life she once knew. Apprentice tinkerer Harriet Hodgkins is skilled in the construction and maintenance of intricate clockwork contrivances.

Repairing a salvaged automaton becomes a labour of love for Hodgkins, and the object of her affections, Miss Pandora Piper, comes to hold her rescuer in equal esteem. But Hodgkins has yet to confess her true gender, and moreover the clockwork coquette is destined for resale. Can you imagine falling for a girl so hard that through the years, with no hope of being reunited, that love remains as strong as ever? At 40, Dr. No one waits for her at home and she has nothing to offer.

At the urging of a friend, she takes a long overdue vacation, a cross country trip on a restored steam train, in hopes that time away from the pressures of her job will solve her problems. At 39, Willow Lord is a recent college graduate, a social worker in desperate need of a job. Next month, the first payments on her student loans are due.

As young teens, on a steam train, these two women fell in love. But the years have taken them to drastically different places. Can they straddle their worlds and seize it? Twice now, Taylor, Jackie, Lexi, and Anna have faced the darkness brought on by a catastrophic solar storm. With the help of Sam, Laura, and a group of faithful friends, they have rebuilt their lives in a world without power. But when new threats arise, each must find a way to survive against the odds as well as continue to rely on each other.

Note: This is a full-length novel, which can be listened to as a stand-alone audiobook, however, it is closely tied to the previous two stories Darkness Falls and Darkness Remains. These books have an end-of-the-world theme but are significantly more focused on strong female characters in loving lesbian relationships. Or, it will be as soon as they score a victory for their first big client. Reluctant team players, Campbell and Wynne would risk everything by giving in to the attraction that flares between them.

In the boardroom and the courtroom, only one can win, but the price of victory could mean losing at love. Click on the images for details. Click on the image for details. During her morning exercise, yoga instructor Cam Saunders finds herself rescuing a young woman who has walked into the sea, seemingly intent on taking her own life. When the woman in question turns out to be a famous actress, Cam promises to keep her secret safe. Despite her fame, she feels alone in the world and keeps thinking of the woman she owes her life to.

But what happens when friendship turns into attraction? Living is a slow-burn coming-out romance about loss, love and life. Kesa Sapiro had to grow up fast. With her parents gone and a little sister to protect, Kesa has spent over a decade of her life trying to keep a roof over their heads. Hoping to soften the objections of their jaded, overbearing elders, Josie and Paz arrange for them to meet and discuss the future like civilized adults…but absolutely nothing goes as planned.

Catherine feels them, too. But between their age difference, the need to remain professional, and both of their past experiences with love, both women are hesitant to make a move. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that they need to stop holding back and let their love bloom. When Kate York accepted a temporary position as the music teacher at her former Catholic boarding school, St. Joan of Arc, she expected to deal with rowdy adolescents, strict nuns, and memories of her intense friendship with her old roommate, Tilly Wattle. The last thing Kate expected, however, was for Tilly to show up as the substitute teacher.

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  8. The last time the two had seen each other, Tilly had her heart set on joining the sisterhood of nuns that had raised her as an orphan. Tilly longed for a simple life devoting herself to God while Kate longed for a simple life devoting herself to Tilly. Now, twelve years since she forced herself to say goodbye, Kate realizes that she never really got over her sweet, beautiful friend—or the secret kisses they shared as girls. In her heart of hearts Kate believes that Tilly can match her passion with equal intensity.

    When Tilly steadfastly refuses to talk about their past, what choice does Kate have but to try to control her own longings and concentrate on renewing their friendship? Maybe a character just got their dream job. This group of short stories will give you a glimpse into the future of the characters. When Abi Okafor moves to New York to start a job as a makeup artist on a TV series, she is assigned to a highly introverted and quirky actress, Greta Lang.

    Abi and Greta quickly form an unshakable bond, but Abi, though usually bold, is afraid to act on her romantic feelings for Greta. Now Abi must be there for her in more ways than she ever imagined. She is determined that her love for Greta will pull them both through. But Abi is keeping a horrible secret: Greta is the only survivor of the plane crash. Will Greta be able to handle it when she finally finds out? What could poor troublemaker Lola Morgan and clueless rich kid Abby Granger have in common? Not a lot. Beside both having the misfortune to find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

    What could possibly happen between two girls from such different worlds? But can bad girl Lola and good girl Abby overcome the odds to be together? Or will their differences pull them apart? An eccentric adult shop owner.