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Benchtop instrument for automated nucleic acid purification with integrated quantitation. For Research Use Only.

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All-in-one processing capabilities for large-volume purification chemistries. Laboratories are encountering an increased demand for molecular testing and need workflow solutions that allow greater automation and higher throughput to keep up with the increasing number of samples to be prepared for downstream applications such as PCR and NGS. Automated sample preparation provides significant benefits to laboratories, allowing users to focus on more detailed work while reducing the risk of exposure to chemicals and the need for repetitive motions, such as pipetting.

Automated liquid handlers allow laboratories to handle increased sample processing demands while minimizing the need to increase headcount.

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Global Support Our customer and technical support experts are here to help! Explore Support Center. Home Products Lab Automation We offer instruments, chemistries and personalized support that simplify the process of automating sample prep in your lab. Learn about Lab Automation. Musical Instrument Lending Library. Acoustic guitar. Classical Acoustic Guitar. Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Acoustic-Electric Junior Guitar. Electric Guitar With Amplifier. Ukulele Tanglewood Concert.

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Who can borrow an instrument from BPL? How do I request to borrow an instrument? Where do I pick up and check out an instrument? Can someone else pickup an instrument for me? No, only the cardholder can pick up an instruments from the Musical Instrument Lending Library.

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  • How long can I borrow an instrument? All instruments are borrowed for a period of four weeks from the date of checkout. Once the instrument is borrowed, no alterations may be made to your checkout e. However, patrons may return instruments early if they would like to do so. Contact Us For more information and to get started, please email musicloan bklynlibrary.