How to survive Everything!

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How to Survive Absolutely Anything

KC didn't just get mad though. She wanted to tell the store's manager about the books.

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And when an employee overheard their conversation, she asked what was wrong, became equally horrified by the sexist language -- and removed all the books from the shelf herself. Perhaps next time, the How To Survive books should have added chapters on those skills, instead.

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    The Boys' Book of Survival: How to Survive Anything, Anywhere

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    In clear and practical terms, the book explains how to preserve life without any external aid, and reach safety. Topics covered include: how to make hunting weapons, identifying edible plants, survival psychology, celestial navigation, surviving at sea, constructing shelters, hunting and trapping techniques, making and sustaining fire, improvised cooking vessels, and finding underground water.

    The book also explores traditionally less well-covered but equally essential aspects of survival such as: natural remedies for common diseases, rope handling and climbing methods, unarmed combat, and customs to follow in foreign countries. Furthermore, an entire section is dedicated to the peculiarities of urban survival, dealing with relevant everyday issues ranging from being safe on public transport to surviving terrorist attacks.

    Heavily illustrated throughout with more than line artworks and diagrams, How to Survive Anything Anywhere gives the reader practical measures of survival which are easy to memorise and apply: it is a vital single source of invaluable survival information.