How to BEAT the Car Dealer at their own Game!: Consumer Auto Shopping Guide

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Likewise, keep an eye out for available rebates from the manufacturer quoted in TV ads and in other promotional materials. Negotiate your price before getting to the guaranteed rebate. Consumer Reports provides a list of dealer fees to avoid paying. Beyond necessary add-ons like destination fees, dealerships may include several charges that have no business on a sale contract. To shoot down any you might encounter, bring along the Consumer Reports list of fees you should always avoid paying. Your price could drop by hundreds — possibly thousands — when following this advice. When negotiating, use precise numbers rather than figures rounded to the nearest thousand.

Peter Levy says to use the same tact when negotiating the price on a car. As proof, Levy cited a study done by Harvard that showed investors who used precise figures e. When salesmen negotiate believing you need financing, your chances of a good price increase. Auto dealerships make significant profits on service and financing, and buyers can use this fact to their advantage. His reason makes perfect sense: If salesmen think they can make money on financing at the end, they will be more flexible.

Once you land a price you like, sweeten the deal for yourself by using a better rate from private i. Negotiating from the comfort of your home offers car shoppers an advantage. Please allow notifications to be able to download files. Block Allow. Print Length pagine. This is a very unique auto buying guide that intertwines humor, fishing and serious car buying techniques in a way no other auto buying guide has ever produced! I nearly gave in just to make them ease off of me.

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I hope others can learn from my experiences. Unfortunately, I still have no car and am out hundreds in mechanics fees over these last few months of car shopping but I saved myself thousands in interest and suspicious charges by walking away from this deal. I was worked over by "reputable" big name dealerships! Needless to say I am not looking forward to my next dealer negotiation. Im thinking I should just buy a bus pass! This is my first purchase and I am open to constructive criticism. If I am being difficult please tell me so.

I just genuinely felt that I was being fair and hoping for transparency. Maybe thats the problem? I am a salesmen and what I can tell you is we do not make money until the vehicle is over the curb. So add up all of the hours that this salesmen spent with you going over "specs" listening to you talk about " the right price" which gets really old to hear. Break down the time spend verse the money made he is probably below minimum wage and you still aren't ready to sign. When you walk in to a dealership they are working in the now and you are 3 days out from buying.

Also, no vehicle is sold until it is signed for. We do not have a "lay away" section because you are then taking money out of his co-workers pockets.

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When they have a customer that is ready to sign right now and you are blowing smoke about 3 days from then. When you purchase anything try to put your self in the salemans shoes or real estate agent or financial advisor. Whomever makes there money on commission. Don't waste time when you say you are buying buying right that moment.

A Used Car Salesman Reveals Dirty Tricks (and How to Beat Them)

Hello - I don't know why Emily introduced the issue of salesperson compensation to her criticism. Her complaint on minimum wage seems to be a structural issue with the field, not really a fair complaint about your interaction. What is a fair criticism is about having to wait so long for you to get the car inspected. I would suggest next time that you have a time reserved with your mechanic ahead of time for the day you are going car shopping so when you see a car you want him to look at, he can do it in a more reasonable amount of time.

Also, considering how long it is taking you to buy, I suspect you are doing something wrong, though I am not sure what. Maybe it's what your looking for, or the price or your location, but it just seems strange. Good luck to you. Well, where do I begin? First of all the dealership should have NEVER agreed to tie up a car with out the price being settled. Why would I want to take a car off the market for three days with no commitment on your part? What if someone came in and wanted to buy it and I couldn't sell it because you plunked down a few refundable bucks?

1. Learn dealer buzzwords

See my point? Didn't think so. If you didn't like the price manager gave you then go somewhere else and buy a car. Don't get upset because he knew what he wanted to get for his merchandise. It sounds like you should buy from private owners henceforth. Securing your financing before you get to the dealership isn't any different than financing at the dealership. I don't understand why people think the dealership offers rates higher than anyone else.

Dealerships use multiple banks, and some rates are simply different than others that the banks themselves offer. The person at the credit union that writes up the loan marks up interest just as much as the car dealership does. It's called the "finance reserve" and is how the dealership makes money.

13 Car Buying Mistakes - How Auto Dealerships rip you off - Be an Expert Buyer at Vehicle Dealers

The person at the credit union also gets paid a finance reserve in the exact same amount that the dealership gets. Think about it for a few seconds - how does the loan officer at a credit union make money if they don't get money for writing loans? Simply, they get the same thing a dealership gets. Walk into the dealership and present the offer from your credit union and see if the dealership can beat it. At that point just decide who's going to make the money from writing the loan. It's literally no advantage to getting financing from whatever institute unless the dealership can't get a better call from a bank.

That claim of a credit union won't jack up your interest rate like a dealership will is probably my biggest peeve in the industry. Amen to you.

I saw a "loan origination fee of All for a Small town, big city choices 4 hours away I went to used car brother 1, he assured me 1. I discovered his brother also sells same imported cars one town over. They smear the brand I drive now.

A Used Car Salesman Reveals Dirty Tricks (and How to Beat Them)

I ask this 2 different times by phone, am assured. A month goes by as I return and test drive the cars, do research, and learn he has NO IDEA he says on the safety issue that his 's failed the IIHS crash test many brands did too so I decide on the models with more warranty left, and improved safety. THEN he lowers the finance hammer. I am in shock.. He doesnt know that, so he goes to check my credit online, tells me it's 'blocked'..

I am totally stressed now, its Memorial day. He calls me 4 times over 24 hours to get my credit unblocked..

10 Negotiating Tips to Beat Salesmen at Their Own Game

I am sick over this issue I just dont have debt. Poor 62 yr old boy has never had anyone do that in 23 years, AFTER he wasted all my time alarming me on my credit.. I am betting BOTH him and brother do this to everyone.. I said "you gave me a verbal contract for 1.

And I am having him bring the car to MY mechanic and HE pays for the inspection cost for my wasted time and stress too. The deal is still ongoing..

He pulled in his horns big time, apologized all over the place, and payed the contrite "poor rude by who means well" Liar. This may be the last newer car I ever buy, my needs are simple, I did all my homework..

I followed all these steps, but still got cheated. This is where the author is needs to correct the sentence to protect customers. Because most of the times, 1 report is clean with no accident history , where as other history has accidents recorded. Same thing happened with me and got cheated.

But when I went another dealer to trade, he checked both reports and showed me that your vehicle was involved in prior accident and he offered my peanuts. I was shocked to know this, because dealer showed clean report to me when I bought. Dealer when they are selling they only show clean history, but when they buy they go through both reports.

Another hint to customers, if you see word "Vehicle was auctioned", most of the times, vehicle is involved in accident and has major structural damages. About Contact Advertise. Credit Cards Personal Finance. By Mikey Rox on 3 July 15 comments. Wise Bread Picks. Tagged: Cars and Transportation , Shopping , car dealerships , Cars , scams , shopping , used car. Related and Popular. Average: 5 1 vote. Guest 1. Guest 2. Guest 3. Guest 5. Hello, I just wanted to post my most recent experience.

Emily 6. Guest 7. Guest 9. Guest Private Citizen Yea right! I got 30 examples that say so otherwise Mikey Rox. Most Popular.