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These gloves are designed for optimum performance in any activity be it strong punch workouts , Boxfit routines, boxercise circuit ideas or Boxercise workout routines. Once you master these basics and fundamentals of boxing, then you should hire a coach or trainer or experienced professional and learn fighting footwork drills so that you can take your game to the next level. If boxing is not your cup of tea, you certainly have other avenues for the same goals. Have you ever thought of trying Kickboxing for fat loss? Not only you will enjoy this power packed and punchy game but it will reduce your weight very effectively as well.

Last but not the least, if you are into skipping ropes there are many great workouts to get ripped. Throwing punches with your bare hands without hand wraps can be dangerous enough. Since it should not be a common practice to throw on boxing gloves without wraps and train on heavy bag, as you may not realize how devastating of an effect combat sports can have on your hands.

Hence, every time you get in the ring to box or to go to the gym to train, you have to wrap your hands for genuine protection. Know that when it comes to the importance of your hand and wrist protection, hand wraps are undeniably essential in avoiding injuries. Hand wraps are just as important as the punching bag stands and other drill equipment.

In combat sports, hands take impacts in two ways; first, through striking where the hand is used to harm the opponent. Usually it involves punching. Secondly, through blocking which could be through punches, elbows, knees and these are pretty powerful. Now you get how a strike could hit the hand wrong?

Even though Boxing Gloves are padded but they cannot fully protect these knockbacks. Therefore, consider gloves and hand wraps as one system, that is one layer to protect your opponent and one layer is to protect yourself. Look at it this way, hand is comprised of 27 small bones which take huge amount of shock with each hit. Tight, well-fitting hand wraps hold everything in place which also minimize the risk of bones to break or fracture by giving them protective support. Every time. Most gyms do not even allow you box without hand wraps. Wearing hand wraps with boxing gloves is equally obvious, though some people do not care enough about it when it comes to MMA gloves.

Moreover, it is a must wear, that too a quite important one as MMA boxing gloves have less padding than a boxing gloves. There are an assortment of wraps to choose from, but for the effective results buy hand wraps that are equal to or more than two inches in width. Starpro offers variety of accessories including hand wraps, inner gloves, skipping ropes, sports bag and more.

The measurement of the wrap varies from inches for someone with a small hand to inches for boxers with bigger hands. Begin by placing the loop at the end of the wrap over your thumb. Imagine throw a kick and having the bag swing rapidly back and forth for a minute before it stops. This gets extremely annoying after a while. When you get a punching bag that is the right weight, it will have less of a swing and allow you to work on more techniques without always trying to stop the punching bag from moving. When it comes to size, the most common is the standard heavy bag size, which is about 4 to 5 feet in length.

This height makes it perfect for both boxing, kicks, knees, and elbows. The shape is another factor to consider and probably the most important thing to look at. Different shaped bags are used for different types of training. The one-size-fits-all shape is the standard heavy bag shape — feet long and not too narrow or not too wide.

The softness of the bag is another factor that you will need to consider. Harder filled heavy bags are going to allow you to develop tougher shins and build up your bodies natural toughness. There is nothing worse than kicking a soft heavy bag and then kicking a real one and realizing how little your shins are conditioned. Obviously, it depends on your goals. If you are only hitting the punching bag for conditioning and cardio, then choose a soft bag. However, if you want to develop more toughness in your shins you can choose a heavier filled bag or fill it yourself. If you have a wall beam or area you can purchase a wall mount attachment, you can buy a regular bag that you can hang with a chain.

Hanging bags are by far the most popular bags because they have full swing and allow you to move around the bag. These bags have a built-in stand and can be placed anywhere. Most people have to purchase a wall mount bracket so that they can attach the bag off a wall. If you have a beam that is in a garage or outside your house you can also place a bag there. The key is to found an area that can hold lbs of weight that will be swinging around. Most bags come with a chain attachment to allow you to adjust the length of the bag.

If you have a high ceiling you may need a bit of extra length if you want to get the full extension on your bag.

Boxing Punching Bag - Buy Boxing Punching Bag Products Online at Best Prices in India

They come in a number of different shapes and sizes, with each bag allowing you to work on specific aspects of your game. These bags are particular to boxing because you can only throw punches on these bags. They are an excellent accessory to have in addition to the traditional heavy bags. The heavy bag is the most common punching bag that is used in most martial arts.

It is a big enough bag that you can throw punches, kicks, elbows and knees on it. Depending on the fill of the bag, it can either range from soft to hard as a rock sand fill. We wrote an article on the Muay Thai heavy bag that you can also check out. The heavy bag will allow you to work on your technique, power, and conditioning. It is by far the best all purpose bag that can be used for everything. After time heavy bag swill always gets harder near the bottom of the bag when the fill starts to compact together and become denser. If you fill your heavy bag with a hard material like sand, expect to be hitting a rock.

The benefit of the harder fill materials is that you will be able to condition your shins better compared to soft filled material.

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The long heavy bag is ideal for people who want to work on their low kicks, in addition to the other strikes. These bags are around 72 inches in height 6 ft and are designed to be the full length of a person. The Banana heavy bag is thinner than the traditional heavy bag and the firmness will depend on the material you use to stuff the bag. Banana bags are usually made from vinyl or synthetic leather and are designed to give you a complete workout.

They usually come with a bottom D ring so that you can attach it to the floor to prevent it from swinging too much. The angle heavy bag is designed to allow you to throw uppercuts and body hooks in your bag training.

How to Hit a Heavy Bag

The unique shape of the bag is top heavy and thins out towards the bottom. This allows boxers to get underneath the bag and throw uppercuts and angled hooks that could not be possible on other bags. These bags are made from synthetic leather and are designed to be durable. You can fill an angle heavy bag with different substances depending on the feel that you want to have. Most people fill their bags with shredded fabric as it gives the best resistance when you punch and kick.

You can get these as Single Angle or Double Angled. The single angle heavy bag can a good choice if you only want to own only one heavy bag. This bag will allow you to perform all of the strikes on the bag and improve your striking skills. It is a good compromise between the traditional heavy bag that is a fixed height and width and the tear-shaped bag that has a unique shape to the bag.

I like Fairtex Angled heavy bags. The Ringside Angled Heavy bag is also a solid bag for gyms. The final heavy bag that you will see is the teardrop heavy bag. These bags are uniquely shaped like a teardrop to allow you to hit the bag at different angles. In addition to throwing uppercuts, body punches, and hooks extremely effectively, you can also kick, knee and elbow these bags. The swing of the bag will depend on what you use to fill the bag. You can either fill them with a lot of substance or you can fill them with something that is a lot heavier.

The Ringside teardrop bag is also a good one. You can bob and weave under the bag when it moves. You can also do hooks and straight punches. The standing bag is a heavy bag that stands upright. You will not find free standing heavy bags in gyms because they are not very practical if you are hitting hard. The biggest benefit of the free standing bags is that they can be stored away when you are finished using them. The base of the BOB heavy bag is filled with either water or sand to ensure that it does not move when you strike it.

Because the bag is in the shape of a person, you can work on targeting different areas of the body when striking the bag. While there is little movement when you strike the bag, it can help you get used to targeting different areas of your opponent.

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  • BOB bags also allow you to raise and lower the bag depending on your height. This can allow you to practice against short, medium, or taller opponent. Because your hands need to be up to hit the bag, you will develop a good habit of always having your hands in front of your face. When you are using the speed bag it is important for you to focus on keeping your hands high and make sure you are alternating your hands when you are punching the bag.

    This is a piece of equipment that you will generally only find in a boxing gym or a gym that has boxing classes. This Title Speed Bag is good. The Everlast Speed Bag is another classic speed bag that feels and performs well. Ideal For : Boxing accuracy, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, combination speed.

    Another type of punching bag that is popular is the floor to ceiling bags. These are similar to speed bags except they are attached from the ceiling and the floor.

    Benefits of Quiet Punch

    When you hit the bag it will bounce away and come back at you. The size of the floor to ceiling bag will determine how hard it is to punch. If you choose a larger floor ceiling bag then you will have more surface area to hit. The smaller bags are designed for more experienced boxers who have good timing and rhythm. Floor to ceiling bags can be adjusted for their height and tension. The more tension you have on the bag, the faster it will rebound after a punch.

    You can get Double End bags in different shapes and sizes. The classic is the single bag attached by two ropes. You can also get a double angled bag which allows both head and body strikes; they are longer versions of the floor to ceiling bags that can resemble a torso and give you more areas to target. These bags are similar to the speed bags because they will help you develop timing, speed, and accuracy in your punches.

    Ringside and Everlast make good double end bags, though I prefer Ringside. Another important punching bag that can develop better head movement for strikers is the slip bag. The slip bag is designed to work on your head movement.

    Once the bag is swinging your goal is to slip left and right, pretending the bag is throwing punches at your face. If you are looking for a tool to help you build your head movement, this is definitely something that you should consider looking at. Slip bags are an excellent piece of equipment for teaching you how to react to punches, without getting hit with real punches. You can get away with a regular teardrop sized bag to do some of the same work but the large maize bag makes it much easier and is a bit more specialized for that work.

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