The Playas Guide on Getting (and Keeping) The Girl

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A flashpack This is a small backpack that can be rolled up and stuffed in your pocket, but also be unrolled and used to carry dozens of cold beers around the Playa. Note: Putting margaritas in it at night can be dangerous. Camera Burning Man is a very photogenic place. You will get amazing shots if you always have your camera on you. Headlamp Critical for finding things at night in your camp and riding a bike at night.

Playas Guide Girl by King Xavier

Hand-held vacuum. If you have one, bring it. If you have an RV, bringing a full-sized vacuum is not a bad idea. The sun is eff-ing hot. Solar shower These are great since your only other options for cleaning off are a shower in an RV or stripping down and chasing one of the non-potable water trucks that spray the playa during the day.

Both are crowd pleasers. Prescriptions Be they birth control, contact lens solution, just anything that you might possibly need, and enough for a few weeks. Wipes You can pack some small wet cloths in zip lock bags and stick them in your cooler. Bring functional clothes and leave the brand names at home.

Better to rock random stuff you find at thrift stores.

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LED lights, a few packs of glow sticks — or glow-anything If not for aesthetics, you need to be well lit when walking and riding your bike around the Playa at night. The sky is the limit for costumes at Burning Man.

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Be yourself and have fun. And you might be surprised how liberating it is to not touch money for an entire week of your life. This system only works because almost everyone who comes to Burning Man brings something — a good or service that provides value for total strangers. I find that people always appreciate good food and quality booze, so if you throw a little cocktail party right on your street and invite everyone who walks by to have some drinks and dinner, you will make lots of new friends and your contribution will be a success. Plan out each individual meal as though you are going camping.

Ziplocks Buy the biggest ziplocks you can find and bag up your stuff. Pound water constantly. It is uncomfortable and unnatural to drink as much water as you need to be drinking in BRC. At least 3 times each day I gather up all the people standing around my camp and we have a water-chugging contest. If you are hydrated you will be happy. There are no dumpsters at Burning Man. You pack out everything you take in, including trash and dirty water!

Separate trash Burnable, non-burnable, and recycling. Bring reusable items rather than single-use. Shyza sanitiza. You are eating and drinking and using porto-potties that a lot of other people are using. Keep the hands clean at all times. Wherever you go. About Advertise with us. Trending Countries.


South Africa. Costa Rica. Trending Cities. Mexico City.

How To Get A Girlfriend - 6 Simple Steps!

Buenos Aires. Dallas-Fort Worth. Photo: Michael Holden.

Getting there 1. Make sure you have your tickets! A spare car key In case one of them is lost on the Playa. Car charger for your phone 6. The only new additions this year are the cupcake antennas. Advice for last minute bike builders: Decorate your bike because you can easily recognize it and lessen the chance of it getting stolen or accidentally taken. Tips for riding on the Playa: Always have lights on at night and watch out for grooves of loose playa dust.

Origin of bike: I built and welded it and myself out of the town dump when I lived in Wyoming. Among other things the handlebars used to be a shopping cart frame. Accessories: Minimal, just the bike here, though I used to enjoy EL electroluminescent wire so I put some on the bars for lighting back in and still use it to not get run over.

Everything You Need to Know About Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Advice for last minute bike builders: Start earlier next time and make it fun for everybody. Origin of bike: I built it from an old mountain bike, some scrap steel tubing, a few old bike parts, a lot of spray paint and a plenty of hammering, grinding, welding, blood, burns and cursing. Accessories: It has fire instead of headlights.

You can turn them from flickering candles to flame-throwers.

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The flames also come out the ends of the handlebars, though I've singed myself a couple of times with that feature. Advice for last minute bike builders: If you're actually building a mutant bike, build it so it's rideable…and I wouldn't recommend setting fire to your bike for the first few years. Tips for riding on the Playa: Ensure your bike is well lubricated and works properly before heading to Playa.

Bring a lock if you're really attached to it Take it back home with you even if you're not. Most important in a Burning Man bike: Have one. They're the best way of getting around unless you've got your own art car.

The Burner Bike: DIY Tips from Playa Pros

Origin of bike: I made it from a used mountain bike, initially modifying it for Burning Man and adding little touches to it since then, such as the high handlebars and changing out the dusty fake fur on my basket every year. My latest fur design is my favorite by far. Accessories: It's painted with a thick acrylic paint called 3D Paint that looks a little like stucco. The basket on back, which I just changed out to get more trunk space, is covered in tri-color fake fur -- hung against the grain, so the long pieces flutter in the wind -- and laced with electro-luminescent wire for lighting.

Advice for last minute bike builders: Form and function are equally important in building a Burner bike. A basket is very important and high handlebars make for a more comfortable ride. And beyond that, sass it up good!